Tour of Rosenfeld Porcini


Tour of Timothy Taylor Gallery


Tour of pottery studio of Jesse Wine


Tour of Max Wigram Gallery


Contemporary Key is a monthly insight into the contemporary art world, drawing on specialist contemporary art knowledge and experience. We aim to provide an opportunity for those involved to meet others with similar interests and learn about contemporary art and its many dimensions.

Contemporary Key provide access to artists’ studios, curators and galleries in a variety of locations around London, giving those involved an opportunity to get to know new areas, creative practices and concepts. The tours focus on young contemporary artists, aiming to ignite the imaginations of those involved through broadening awareness and redefining their perceptions of contemporary art.

We focus on a variety of creative hubs around London, varying from Hoxton to Peckham and from Mayfair to Camden. Each offers something unique and we curate bespoke tours that showcase the best exhibitions the particular area has to offer, including exclusive access to artist’s studios.

We provide an advisory service to help you start and build your collection and learn how to navigate the art world. Please do get in contact if you would like more information.Β