An evening at Whitechapel Gallery - Thursday 24th March, 7-8.30pm

Please join us for an evening at The Whitechapel Gallery. Electronic Superhighway at Whitechapel Gallery explores artist’s relationship with the internet and the impact of technological advances on artist production. The exhibition spans 50 years and includes work by over 70 artists, from Cory Arcangel, Celia Hempton, Nam June Paik and Taryn Simon.

We will look at how artists respond to changing technologies, adapting their work, pushing the boundaries and examining the impact on their careers. We’ll also consider how the gallery has chosen to represent the change, whether they’ve succeeded and whether the exhibition is as pioneering as the works within it were at the time of production.

The evening will also give us an opportunity to look at the gallery’s past exhibition programme, the influence it’s had in the area, and finish with a glass of wine or bottle of beer in the cafe!

Price: £22 includes entrance to the exhibition.

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