Bethnal Green Gallery Tour - Saturday 25th June, 3 - 5 pm

The Bethnal Green Gallery tour is always one of our most popular tours and this month we are showing you just how concise this artistic hub truly is, by visiting 5 galleries all on one street. We’ll be visiting predominantly at young galleries and looking into why the area has held so much attraction for galleries and artists.

The itinerary will be:

Maureen Paley, Wolfgang Tillmans

Herald Street, Nick Relph

Laura Bartlett, Margo Wolowiec

Campoli Presti, Group show featuring Lis Deschenes, Dan Graham and Josiah McElheny amongst others.

Breese Little, The Science of Imaginary Solutions, group show featuring Marcel Broodthaers, Matthew Darbyshire and George Henry Longley amongst others.

As always, we will be starting in a cafe and ending in a bar, and providing other gallery recommendations in the area.

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[Image: Antiquities of Britain, British Museum, 1872, Photographed by Stephen Thompson, No. 903, British Helmet of bronze, Courtesy Stephen White. From The Science of Imaginary Solutions at Breese Little]

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