March Southwark Tour - Saturday 23rd March, 3-5pm

Galleries we will be visiting:

– Wapping Projects Bankside,  Thomas Zanon-Larcher
– Tim Sheward Projects, Barry Reigate
– Ceri Hand, The Juneau Projects
– Emilie Pugh studio visit

This tour explores the diverse gallery scene in Southwark – two photographic exhibitions at Purdy Hicks and Wapping Projects Bankside, followed by two young gallery spaces, the inaugural exhibition at Ceri Hand and a visit to Tim Sheward Projects. We’ll be starting in a cafe and ending in a quirky bar as usual! Social, fun and offering you an insight into one of London’s most exciting creative areas, don’t miss March’s Contemporary Key tour!

Wapping Projects Bankside

The Wapping Project Bankside was founded by Jules Wright, Director of The Wapping Project, in October 2009. Located in the Bankside area on the south bank of the River Thames, the gallery focuses on photography, film and video and runs a rolling programme of talks and events, accompanying the exhibitions.

Thomas Zanon-Larcher, Falling: A Part

The photographs in Falling: A Part, Thomas Zanon-Larcher’s first solo exhibition at The Wapping Project Bankside, recall the work of Claude Chabrol or Ingmar Bergman: dramas and melodramas, which examine existential anxieties. The exhibition gathers images of women living ordinary lives, testing the boundaries of fear, transgression, escape and pursuit in contemporary society.

Working as if shooting a movie, Zanon-Larcher sets up role plays. Loosely shaped stories founded in the traditions of Hollywood film noir and French Nouvelle Vague. Zanon-Larcher captures the precise moment when the essence of the unfolding drama can be captured in a single frame: when emotion, thought and gesture unify in a unique moment. With these works, Zanon-Larcher continues his ongoing interest in performance, artifice and the construction of female identity in visual culture, which he has already explored in depth in his backstage work within the fashion industry. This has led him to collaborate with Yohji Yamamoto, Alexander McQueen, Dries van Noten, Martin Margiela and Haider Ackerman, amongst others: designers challenge conventional expressions of female identity.

Tim Sheward Projects

Tim Sheward Projects was established in 2012. It is a contemporary art space situated in London’s Bankside area, exhibiting work by emerging and established artists. The gallery collaborates with curators, gallerists and artists to present a diverse programme of solo and group exhibitions that are intelligent, seductive and dynamic.

Barry Reigate, Explain How You Know

Most of the works in this exhibition derive their form from a rudimentary mathematics test put to the artist’s daughter at school. These geometric designs were initially conceived as a means of assessing the academic competence of the children to whom they were presented.

These structures are the literal and metaphysical building blocks of our civilisation, the patterns that govern the architectures of our cities and the hierarchies in our societies. Reigate challenges the social systems encoded into this universal visual grammar by inviting a variety of competing languages into the exhibition.

Creativity and play is here, as elsewhere in the exhibition, posited as a means of reinvigorating exhausted languages and systems. The anarchic streak that undermines the formal austerity of these structures is also the quality that lends them their vitality, an insurgent underclass testing itself against the boundaries imposed upon its energies.

Ceri Hand Gallery

Ceri Hand Gallery was founded in Liverpool in 2008 by Ceri Hand and relocated to London in July 2012. This exhibition will be the inaugural exhibition in their new Southwark space. The gallery has a special focus on conceptual and performance art, producing and exhibiting major new works on and offsite, including publications, editions and multiples. Initially trained as an artist, Ceri Hand draws on twenty years in the art world, having previously acted as Director of Metal (Liverpool) and Director of Exhibitions, FACT (Liverpool, where she was a contributing curator to Liverpool Biennial in 2004 and 2006).

Juneau Projects, The Infocalypse Stack

The Infocalypse Stack presents new works by Juneau Projects that contemplate what might be produced as cultural artefacts within a world altered irrevocably by disaster. The works reflect scenarios, characters and priorities that might exist, and together offer a narrative rooted within the question of how existing methods of artistic production might adapt or devolve in post-apocalyptic society. ‘Infocalypse’ is a term borrowed from Science Fiction writer Neal Stephenson’s novel ‘Snow Crash’ and is a contraction of the words information and apocalypse.

The role and use of technology within a post-disaster situation is reflected in a number of works in the exhibition, but particularly within a series of Perspex laser cut sculptures. The works envisage a new society in which industrial production methods are repurposed for the creation of bespoke objects. The sculptures are intended as shrine-like devices, hopes and desires reflected in fluorescent plastic.

All of the works in the exhibition have evolved from the artists’ interest in fictional depictions of post-apocalyptic societies. Juneau Projects have attempted to consider their own value as artists and how the output of their occupation might be used as a commodity to trade in order to survive.

Images below are courtesy of the artists and Ceri Hand Gallery.
Photo: Anna Arca


Emilie Pugh Studio Visit

Emilie works experimentally, pushing the limits of drawing and mark making. A look into her Southwark studio will offer you the opportunity to see her recent explorations into how the accumulation of marks and the layering of translucent papers can imply depth and movement.

Artist statement: “At any given moment there are countless thoughts within each and every one of us that intersect, overlap, influence and distort one another. If we think about how we are thinking then we are aware of this process but we are unable to say what is going on and why. Everything that we experience adds to the complexity of our inner sea and to the world that is always the process of our making.”

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