October Bermondsey Tour - Saturday 26th October, 3-5pm

We will be visiting a number of artists that explore recycled materials and the use of text in their work. Clare Kenny’s work explores reality and representation through using real everyday materials which originate in photography; her use of materials imitates others such as marble and stone asking us what is real and what is fabricated. Mike Bradford salvages urban materials which he then uses to create multi-layered collaged paintings that explore the dynamics of social abstraction. A group show of artists at the Drawing Room explore the relationship between linguistic communication and the physical act of drawing. The written word becomes the subject matter itself so we’ll enjoying working around the show with you and deciphering the works!

Our itinerary will be as follows:

Saturday 26th October 3-5pm

2.30pm meet at Coffee@BermondseyStreet (163-167) for pastries and coffee
– Clare Kenny at Vitrine Gallery
– Mike Bradford at White Cube Bermondsey
– Marking Language at Drawing Room including studio visits
Finish at Village East for cocktails.

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White Cube:

White Cube was set up in Duke Street, St James, by Jay Jopling in 1993 as a project room for contemporary art. Although it was one of the smallest exhibition spaces in Europe, it was arguably one of most influential commercial galleries of the past decade.

Originally, the central concern when establishing the programme was to create an intimate space in which an artist could present a single important work of art or a coherent body of work within a focused environment. The programme was singular among commercial galleries in that an artist was invited to exhibit only once. Since its inception, the gallery mounted exhibitions of work by many leading international and British artists

In April 2000, White Cube Hoxton Square was set up as a second, larger gallery space in London’s East End. Housed in a 1920s light industrial building, and designed by architects MRJ Rundell and Associates, White Cube Hoxton Square has 2000 square feet of uninterrupted exhibition space.

JayJopling (anOldEtonian and son of a Conservative MP) was married to artistSamTaylor-Wood until September 2008. Jay got his idea of calling his gallery, White Cube, after being influenced by the book, Inside The White Cube: The Ideology of the Gallery Space.

In 2003,CharlesSaatchi launched an attack on the concept of the white wall gallery, calling it “antiseptic” and a “time warp … dictated by museum fashion”. 

Blockbuster Artists:

Darren Almond, Georg Baselitz, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Chuck Close, Tracey Emin, Gilbert & George, Antony Gormley, Andreas Gursky, Mona Hatoum, Damien Hirst, Anselm Kiefer, Elad Lassry, Christian Marclay, Gabriel Orozco, Marc Quinn, Doris Salcedo, Sam Taylor-Wood, Jeff Wall, Cerith Wyn Evans.


Mark Bradford

Through Darkest America by Truck and Tank

White Cube Bermondsey is pleased to present ‘Through Darkest America by Truck and Tank’, a major exhibition of new work by Mark Bradford and his second with the gallery. Using materials found in the urban environment, such as billboard sheets, posters and news print, Bradford’s expansive, multi-layered collaged paintings explore the dynamics of social abstraction, where image is fused with context.

Applying a map of the interstate roads in the USA as a point of origin for a number of paintings in the exhibition, Bradford deftly combines abstract compositions with topographical points of reference that shift in and out of focus.

Bradford’s masterful manipulation of materials and techniques, which confound and mesmerise in equal measure, belies the fact that the paintings are comprised entirely of paper rather than paint. Gestural marks glide across compositions such as Journal Entry (2013)—based on episodes from Eisenhower’s diary – suggesting intuitive expression rather than controlled labour, while in works such as ‘Biting the Book’ décollaged sections appear swept aside in spontaneous action.


Vitrine Gallery

Founded and directed by Alys Williams, VITRINE  is a contemporary art gallery based across two spaces in Bermondsey. Dedicated to working with emerging and mid-career artists across all media and focusing on cross-disciplinary practices; establishing a strong reputation as a nurturer of new talent in London.

VITRINE Bermondsey Street – launched in September 2012 – represents a growing stable of artists and presents solo, two-person and group exhibitions at VITRINE’s main gallery space. VITRINE Bermondsey Square was set up in 2010 with a commitment to presenting emerging art practices from the unique 16 metre long window gallery, prominently located on Bermondsey Square and viewable 24-hours a day to the public. Particularly focused on site-responsive exhibitions and installations, and developed as an experimental project space.

Clare Kenny, Yesterday’s labour is the Future’s folly

Kenny creates work that is a hybrid of photography and sculpture. A trio of three-dimensional print works are comprised of photographs found in the artist’s archive of images and remodelled into architectural or rock-like forms. Whether wrapped into a column or scrunched up, photographs form a sculptural mass and toy with perception and memory.

Form and content reflect a concern with the divide between fact and fiction. Real and fabricated memories of the artist’s life are recorded and fed into the images and materials that comprise each work. Images are manipulated in stages, often abstracting or duplicating details in an attempt to reveal new meaning or question ideas on authenticity. Kenny’s abstractions play with the systems we employ to judge and exploit material value.

Making work born of humble origins, Kenny explores the potential to upgrade the status of materials through a combination of manipulations. The distance from traditional ideas of genuine and fake allow the viewer to both enter into a fictional realm and re-evaluate ideas of truth and authenticity.


The Drawing Room

Drawing Room is the only public and non-profit gallery in the UK and Europe dedicated to contemporary drawing. It provides a unique resource for the promotion of drawing, its practice, theory and methodology. The Drawing Room provides opportunities for artists, writers and curators to produce, examine and research contemporary drawing.

Drawing Room was set up by curators Mary Doyle, Kate Macfarlane and Katharine Stout in 2002 with the principal aim of providing a major European resource for contemporary drawing.  It has delivered an ambitious international programme of solo and group exhibitions that have included established, emerging and historical artists.

Marking Language

Marking Language is an exhibition exploring the relationship between linguistic communication and drawing in recent art.

Throughout the twentieth century, and in particular since the 1960s, artists have mined language for the subject and matter of their art, incorporating the mode, format and meaning of text into their work. The selected artists take language and the written word as the subject of the work itself, rather than to influence interpretation of an accompanying image.

Marking Language could be read as a series of propositions, or positions, that consider the relationship between drawing and written communication in contemporary practice. The work can be seen as a reflection of the fragmentation of reality, despite the illusion of world-wide connection, and a yearning for intimate and meaningful dialogue.

Marking Language will include new works, made especially for the exhibition, by Johanna Calle, Bernardo Ortiz, Annabel Daou, Shahzia Sikander, Karl Holmqvist and Pavel Büchler.


Tannery Art Studios

Tannery Art Studios reside above The Drawing Room and offers studio space to a range of artists, from well established Turner Prize nominees like Alison Wilding to recent art graduates. Not just any artist can apply for a studio space here – artists works and theories have to align to the general concept of Tannery Arts and they only accept the crème de la crème of artists.

Tannery Arts was founded in 1993 by artists David Austen, David Foster, Chris Pauling and Alison Wilding. It is also a small, independent charity concerned with making contemporary art accessible to a wide public through exhibitions and learning projects. It supports the professional development of emerging and established artists and curators, promoting their practice through opportunities to exhibit work, develop projects, to engage in learning activities and through the provision of affordable studios.

Current Tannery Artist Members are:

Mike Armitage, Tonico Auad, David Austen, Charles Avery, Franko B, David Batchelor, Andrew Bick, David Blandy, Catrine Bodum, Sonia Boyce, Alice Channer, Marcus Cope, Ben Deakin, Shaun Gladwell, Nick Goss, Mary Hurrell, Conor Kelly, Robert Lye, David Musgrave, Elizabeth Price, Choc Ly Tan, Alison Wilding.

Main aims:

  • To encourage both a wide public and those with a specialist interest to engage with and participate in contemporary art
  • To support the professional development of emerging and established artists through commissioning artworks, exhibiting artworks, producing promotional material and providing suitable conditions for the production of excellent artworks
  • To provide a publically accessible research and learning hub for the exploration and promotion of contemporary drawing

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