Peckham Revisited - Saturday 29th September

Rashid Johnson at South London Gallery

Hannah Barry Gallery

The Hannah Barry Gallery first found a home in the emerging Copeland Cultural Quarter in central Peckham in November 2007. It was founded to encourage progress and experimentation and to help young artists develop their ideas in reference to our time. Since then the gallery has expanded to a Central London Bond Street location and started Bold Tendencies, a yearly pop-up sculpture park held in a disused multistory car park in Peckham.

Wyatt Khan

Hannah Barry Gallery will present a solo exhibition of new work by the New York based artist Wyatt Khan. Composed of interlocking panels of canvas stretched over wood that are bolted together, the paintings constitute the latest stage of the artist’s exploration into compositional elements of line, space and form.

Khan’s practice is focused on his active engagement with the physical circumstances of his paintings. His works exaggerates the viewer’s impression of balance and physicality and encourage us to incorporate the space around and between the panels in our understanding of the painting. In this series of work he furthers his exploration into the compositional elements of line, space and form and references early modernism in his constructivism and minimalism.

Son Gallery

Son Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in Peckham set up by curator Guy Robertson (born 1985) and artist Tom Saunderson (born 1984). The Gallery aims to give artists the time and support needed to turn progressive ideas into practice. Previous exhibitions have included painting and sculpture however the program has an emphasis on lens based media and bringing these into a relationship with more traditional art forms.

In the twenty-first century the camera and the screen, in all their still, moving and interactive capacities, are of upmost importance through their impact. It is with this in mind that Son Gallery particularly works to support work that relates to lens based media.

Rob Sherwood

Having won the 2008 public vote in New Sensations, the annual competition to find successors to the legacy of Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst and friends run by The Saatchi Gallery and Channel 4, Chelsea College of Art prodigy Rob Sherwood reveals his multi-faceted side through photographic, digital and moving image works at the SON Gallery. Heavily influenced by Sol Lewitt, Rob Sherwood attacks traditional geometric abstract painting with new energy.

In this exhibition at Son Gallery, Sherwood presents a cycle of works which create unexpected, sensory experiences out of systematic processes. In Sherwood’s paintings the grid is the underlying structure. He is interested in its role in processing digital light: particularly the organisation of colour into separate entities and the illusion of their togetherness, as made evident by pixellation. The grid is apparent in both Screen No.1, a folding screen that follows a painted algorithmic pattern, and in a video work exploring the colour palettes on painting software.

South London Gallery

“One of the most elegant art spaces in London,” Adrian Searle,
The Guardian

The South London Gallery has an international reputation for its programme of contemporary art exhibitions and live art events. Five exhibitions each year profile the work of established international figures such as Tom Friedman, as well as that by younger and mid-career British artists such as Eva Rothschild and Ryan Gander.

The South London Fine Art Gallery opened on 4 May 1891 and was founded as a “gallery for the people of south London open to the public free, and on Sundays”.

Rachid Johnson

For his first solo exhibition in London, New York-based artist Rashid Johnson presents an entirely new body of work to create a ‘salon’ in the South London Gallery’s main space. Inspired by the idea of an imagined society in which psychotherapy is a freely available drop-in service, Johnson’s installation of large-scale paintings, hanging plants, Persian rugs and six wooden day beds questions established definitions of the art object and its limitations, as well as the relationship between individual and shared cultural experience.

Over the past decade Johnson has become known for works into which he integrates materials familiar from other contexts, such as wooden flooring, rugs, mirrors, shelves, books and shea butter, through a process which he describes as ‘hijacking the domestic’. Questioning established definitions of the art object and its limitations, or otherwise, Johnson’s works also draw on his own personal history, often making direct references to the literature, music, cultural and political figures which inform it, in an ongoing exploration of the relationship between individual and shared cultural experience.

Johnson has also curated the exhibition in the SLG’s first floor galleries, bringing together abstract paintings by three artists living and working in the USA: Robert Davis, Sam Gilliam and Angel Otero.

Bold Tendencies and Frank’s Café

Bold Tendencies is a non profit summertime sculpture project dedicated to showcasing new art by international artists. Held on the top four flours of a disused multi-story car park in Peckham, with spectacular views across the city, Bold Tendencies is committed to supporting the vision of artists and actively engaging audiences.

Founded in 2007, Bold Tendencies has welcomed over 50,000 visitors in 2011 and over 45,000 visitors in 2010 (30,000 in 2009).

Frank’s Café

We’ll be ending our tour at Frank’s Café.

Explore sculpture positioned around a disused multi-storey car park as you sip beer and mingle with the art world elite.

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