Peckham Summer Tour - Saturday 27th July, 3-5pm

Piotr-Lakomy at The Sunday Painter

After the success of last summer’s visits to Peckham, we are returning to see the top shows of the summer – and ending the tour with a visit to Franks cafe.

Saturday 27th July

Start: Peckham Refreshment Rooms

Galleries we’ll be visiting will be:

The Sunday Painter, Piotr Lakomy

Arcadia Missa, Almalia Ulman

Bold Tendencies

End: Franks Cafe

Arcadia Missa

Arcadia Missa is a gallery, research and publishing project run by Rozsa Farkas and Tom Clark. Started in 2011, but building out of work the pair were carrying out as students at Central St Martins, surrounding institutional critique and self-education. They opened the gallery in February 2011 showing Lucky PDF and Warren Garland. Since then they’ve gone on to work with artists as various as Marlie Mul, Harry Sanderson, Clunie Reid, Hannah Perry, Jesse Darling, Katja Novitskova and Amalia Ulman. They work around presenting new and collaborative modes of art-making, in particular those that often situate digital culture within a wider conversation on the socio-political context of everyday life.

Almalia Ulman, Ethira

Almalia Ulman is a 24-year-old Argentinean-born, predominantly Spanish-raised artist. Her works, encompassing graphic design, photography, installation, web and video art, are primarily voiced in the first person, often blurring the distinction between the artist and object of study. Her aesthetic is clean, minimal and translucent and the dominant hues she uses are white and grey.

This exhibition marks the launch of Ethira, an app that celebrates the ‘comfort of anonymity.’ Contributors all have varying poetry-artist practices, often utilising social media for instant expression and feedback. ETHIRA marks a new version of the expression-feedback exchange, reducing the personalisation of fast, text based expression, online.


The Sunday Painter

The Sunday Painter is a gallery and studio complex run by Harry Beer, Will Jarvis and Grace Schofield. The gallery is committed to running an international program of exhibitions by emerging and mid-career artists . Originally operating as a series of offsite exhibitions, starting out in a converted function room of a South London pub, the gallery moved to its permanent location, Blenheim Grove, in 2010 where it also opened 14 artists studios.

Piotr Lakomy, Life Size Shadow

Piotr Lakomy addresses the following principle subjects in his works: meeting, communication effort, energy flow, and isolation. Interpersonal relations in Łakomy’s work seem to look like collisions of two kinds of matter. Taken almost directly from the street, the materials he uses, brings to mind connotations with construction, architecture, monuments and yet, despite its visual austerity, remains light and soft. The previously characteristic use of spray paint in his sculpting studio has been recently replaced by work with light bulbs, which Łakomy makes use of either as a tool or as an integral element of his installation. The underlying decision to express himself by means of a limited number of elements is coupled with a passion for developing motifs, as if the artist feels the need to make sure that what he ultimately rejects has been used up to the full.

Locating a series of his works in a corner or fitting his own aluminium constructions into existing venues, the artist takes the viewer aside, to a corner, and creates a semi-private situation. At the same time the word ‘room’ appears in the titles of the works.


Bold Tendencies and Frank’s Café

Bold Tendencies is a non profit summertime sculpture project dedicated to showcasing new art by international artists. Held on the top four flours of a disused multi-story car park in Peckham, with spectacular views across the city, Bold Tendencies is committed to supporting the vision of artists and actively engaging audiences.

Founded in 2007, Bold Tendencies has welcomed over 50,000 visitors in 2011 and over 45,000 visitors in 2010 (30,000 in 2009).

This year celebrates the works of the following artists:

Benedict Drew, Cécil B. Evans, Grand George, Jimmy Merris, Michael Levitt, Nicholas Brooks, Nina Beier, Piotr Lakomy, Ruth Proctor, Steven Claydon, Total Vitality and the Derek Jarman Garden for Peckham.

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